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GE Lunar Achilles Insight Bone Densitometer

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GE Lunar Achilles Insight


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GE Lunar Achilles Insight Bone Densitometer

The Achilles Express ultrasonometer is a compact, cost-effective solution for evaluating risk of osteoporotic fracture. Its low precision error makes it suitable to monitor bone changes, such as those associated with disease progression or response to therapy.

Achilles Express Specifications Features:

Fracture Risk Assessment

The Achilles Express measures the ultrasound properties of the heel which, unlike the forearm or hand, is load-bearing and highly trabecular. Achilles Express indicates risk of osteoporotic fracture comparably to femur and spine dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). The Achilles Express is proven to indicate fracture risk in the key group of women 45-75 years as well as older women.

Easy to Use and Interpret

The one-minute ultrasound test is simple to perform: a touch of the built-in LCD screen is all it takes. Achilles Express automatically calculates the patient’s STIFFNESS Index which is compared to young adult and age-matched references to provide both a T-score and Z-score. These, together with other risk factors, assist physicians in the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Precision for Monitoring:
The Achilles Express is sensitive to bone changes but not artifacts. Ultrasonometers can be susceptible to variations in skin coupling, temperature, edema, transducer position, and heel width. Achilles Express uses stationary transducers and sophisticated convergence algorithms to minimize measurement errors. The Achilles Express STIFFNESS Index has a precision of 2% in osteoporotic patients. Physicians can detect small changes due to bone loss or response to therapy.

Achilles Express, like the Achilles, provides T-scores comparable to spine or femur BMD. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines fracture risk based on the "T-score" for bone mineral density (BMD) measured by DEXA. The T-score is the difference between the patient value and the average value in healthy young adults divided by standard deviation.

The Achilles Express offers superior portability. This lightweight (22 pounds), rugged ultrasonometer is easily transported or carried between offices using its built-in handle.

The Achilles Express is perfect for the busy physicians’ office. It includes an internal microcomputer with memory for 100 patient results, and a built-in printer. The compact design occupies less than 2 square feet of office space allowing it to be stored under a desk or in a closet when idle.
Precision in vivo
- 2.0% CV in osteoporotic patients
Signal Analysis
- Real-time, Fourier transform analysis with bi-directional measurement and convergence algorithms
- T-score and % Young Adult
- Z-score and % Age-Matched

- Thermal printer
- Batch printing
- Results can be attached to preprinted report form

Electrical Requirements
- 95-240 volts, 50/60 Hz @ 4A

GE LUNAR Support
- Achilles Express is supported by GE LUNAR. Training and technical service are available worldwide.

Precise Measurement
- 2% in vivo
- Fixed transducers
- Reduced operator dependency

Fully Self-Contained
- LCD touch-screen menu
- Built-in microcomputer and printer
- 100-measurement memory

Compact Design
- Occupies less than 2 square feet of office space
- Weighs only 22 pounds
- Fits on front seat or in trunk of car
- Built-in ergonomic carrying handle


Patient Throughput
- 1-minute measurement

Ultrasonometry Transducers
- Fluid-coupled, through-transmission
- Quarter wave-matched, broadband single element (25 mm diameter)
- Center frequency 500 KHz

- LCD “touch” screen
- Swivels to multiple positions

Fluid Coupling System
- Fully automated and self-contained
- Heated to 33° C (92°F)
- Replaceable silicon membranes
- Water-soluble ultrasonic gel

Physical Factors
- Integrated transportable design
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 25x31x61cm (10x12x24 in)
- Operating range temperature: 15°–35° C (59°–95° F)
- Humidity: 20–80%
- Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)

Fast and Comfortable
- 1-minute measurement
- Fully automated No x-rays

- Fracture risk assessment
- Comparable to axial BMD

- Ideal for physicians’ offices
- No special training
- Proven reliability

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